Industrial Hemp Coaching

We provide coaching from seed to sale.

  • Are you new to hemp? 
  • Are you looking to get into the fields of industrial hemp?
  • Are you hosting an event and need a speaker?
  • Are you developing a product and need direction?

Over the years we have worked with, and inspired many groups, and companies looking to get into the Industrial Hemp Fields and or Businesses.

We engage with the public for education, and have spoke to several colleges/students and have appeared on many radio/talk shows.

We have helped many start up companies. 

  • Hemp Tea Companies
  • Hemp Seed & Hemp Seed Oil
  • Hemp Hurd
  • Hemp Fiber
  • CBD Farms
  • Hemp Farms
  • Product R&D

We can help you source the variety of hemp you are looking to grow, even provide you with American grown hulled hemp seed.

Please drop us a line on our contact page so we can get you the seed you need.  We look forward to helping you in every step of the way.

Hit the Schedule time tab in the menu bar to schedule your time Today!

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Hemp Seed Oil Sourcing

We can provide you with cold pressed seed oil for your needs.  We have American grown hemp seed oil available in bulk.

Hemp is one of the few sources of a rare omega-6 fatty acid,
gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA has a similar chemistry to EPA and
has many of the health benefits of EPA.

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Hemp Hurd Sourcing

Hemp hurd has many different applications. We provide hemp hurd for large building projects for hempcrete homes. Hemp hurd can also be used for animal bedding.

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 Looking to the future of Sustainability

We long for a cleaner & greener planet and healthier people.

Understanding life doesn't have to be the way we live currently.

Working to make our planet a better place while teaching people to be better with more natural choices and remove the toxins that pollute our water and lands.

We have been living surrounded by toxins hurting our animals, people and planet.  We long to BE BETTER.  We need to BE BETTER stewards of the land.

Industrial Hemp helps reduce toxins from the soils where we grow our food while removing carbon from the atmosphere and while it grows, creates a wonderful seed that provides us a balanced source of protein.  That same seed that fuels us can also be used as a clean bio-fuel and even be made into bio-degradable plastics.  This is how we make the change!  Thank you for joining us on our mission!



Derek Cross at the 1st hemp harvest at Loflin Farms in Springfield, CO 2013
Derek Cross at the 1st hemp harvest at Loflin Farms in Springfield, CO 2013