Holding Seeds of Wellness

Our Mission


We are a global organisation that is socially and environmentally responsible, that embraces creativity and diversity.  We believe that education is key!  “If we plant the seed in the mind, we can plant the seed in the soil.”   “

Our Story

It started with my skin, believe it or not. Nine years ago, I was looking on the internet for a non-pharmaceutical solution to get relief from my eczema. I found nine or 10 pages full of everyday creams and other over-the-counter stuff that didn’t work or made my skin more dry. Then I stumbled across hempseed oil for eczema from some webpage article out of Europe. I began to dig deeper and realized that Canada was growing hemp commercially, and that hemp products were being sold in some health stores. I went to purchase some, and started applying topically on my skin. I also tasted it and started to further research more about the hempseed and hempseed oils, I was blown away by the nutritional values and after a week or so, seeing my skin becoming more clear and even the hairs on my legs start to grow back, I was hooked. I’ve been myself, a “hemp-oholic” ever since. I’ve spent almost every day since then learning more and more about this wonderful plant.

Years into my career in hemp, eating hemp and meeting people in the industry I answered an ad on Facebook. That was four years ago when Ryan Loflin was looking for helpers to come harvest his 55-acre crop in Colorado. I answered the ad and made arrangements to make it to harvest. About 50 people from six states made it that day. My life has never been the same from that point. Ryan has been a true inspiration and a great friend!

Since that time I’ve been educating and innovating. I do a lot of public speaking, radio shows, conventions, private engagements, and have had the honor to speak in front of historians, folks from the criminal justice system, universities and legislators in many states.
I was one of the first to Bring industrial hemp into the Texas Capitol while lobbying and testifying for hemp farming in the state. There is new legislation now that has come out of committee in favor of Hemp in Texas. We will have to stay tuned.

Meet the Team

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge about industrial hemp.  Education is key!  Public speaking on all different platforms including universities.

Derek Cross

Founder & CEO

Derek Cross is a Hemp advocate on all fronts: Nutritional, Industrial and Medicinal. As a business owner, public speaker, and cookbook author, Derek spends his time educating people and helping make our planet a better place to call home. A self-proclaimed, “Hemp O’Holic”, he is dedicated to health and wellness for himself, his family, and for as many other lives as he may impact with Hemp.  As Founder & Director of Hemp Healthy Today & The Hemp Farm USA, he is passionate about not only spreading the word on what Hemp can do for our planet, but also about making Hemp available to people everywhere, via raw materials and finished products in many forms, concentrating on real global issues and how hemp can play a major role in these areas with new out of the box innovations!

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