Cannabinoids Occur Naturally in Human Breast Milk

Cannabinoids Occur Naturally in Human Breast Milk

The same cannabinoids found in marijuana are also found in breast milk. This may initially sound shocking to some, but the fact is that these cannabinoids have an important purpose in the growth and development of babies. Cannabinoids promote hunger in newborns, which ensures both an adequate milk supply in the mother and enough nutrition for baby.

The Purpose

Babies have to learn how to eat after birth. Cannabinoid receptors in the brain bind to the chemicals in breast milk to trigger a hunger response in babies. This response helps babies to nurse frequently. Frequent nursing is very important during the first months of life as baby learns how to eat. The brain and body of a newborn rapidly develops during the first year of life. Breast milk contains everything that a baby needs to develop, but the baby must first learn how to suckle. When cannabinoid receptors in the brain are activated, newborns experience a natural response that improves the coordination of muscles used to drink breast milk.
The naturally occurring cannabinoids in breast milk have a specific biological purpose that helps infants gain weight after birth. The same response that encourages an infant to eat is reflected among cancer patients who use medical marijuana to regain their appetite after treatment based caused severe weight loss and nausea. The fact that the human body has receptors for cannabinoids is important to consider. The cannabinoids in breast milk are the same as those found in marijuana. As a medicinal plant, marijuana can be beneficial for many reasons.
When used medicinally, marijuana can improve immune function and reduce the symptoms of many diseases. Cannabis is a natural pain reliever that has been used in some states as an alternative medicine for cancer, glaucoma, and for anxiety and depression among adults. The use of marijuana among cancer patients has been well documented as reducing the severe side effects of cancer treatment, which can include nausea, tiredness, vomiting, and depression. In modern society, marijuana is slowly becoming a viable complement to traditional medical treatments. According to, cannabis is useful in the treatment of Alzhimer’s disease, migranes, premenstrual syndrome, and seizures.

The Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis has an effect on both the central nervous system and the immune system. BBC News reports that multiple sclerosis sufferers have experienced relief from symptoms of the disease by using cannabis extracts after other treatments failed. The relaxing properties of marijuana extracts can also be useful in the treatment of some mood disorders. The true potential of marijuana, especially in its natural form, is yet to be determined because of the stigma attached to the use of the plant. Luckily, people have started to realize that cannabis is a truly medicinal plant that can improve health while promoting a sense of well-being when used properly.
Fresh marijuana leaves can be juiced to create a healthy drink that contains dozens of beneficial cannabinoids. The use of marijuana as a natural remedy to illness and disease dates back thousands of years. It is only in recent history that the use of cannabis has become taboo. With more people fighting illness and disease than ever, the use of medical marijuana is growing. Cannabinoids, and cannabis, are safe and effective in the treatment of many different conditions. That human body was designed to make use of cannabinoids from birth. Natural cannabis,rather than extracts, is the best way to get the health benefits of marijuana.

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