EarthX – EDTx Speaker: Derek Cross 2017

Derek Cross has been an educator about Industrial Hemp for over 10 years and is passionate about our people and our planet. We don’t have a, “PLANET B”.  We need to use the plants around us and move technology into what plants can provide, while in some cases locking up carbon, and or reducing waste. We need to be better, and we can be better. Sustainable at all costs for future generations.


Derek Cross has been working and developing his new company called; Eco Envison! 

The Mission of Eco Envision: Is to create sustainable solutions to the issues facing our planet while protecting future generations. The materials, innovations, products, and services we bring to the marketplace are world changing. Eco Envision, understands that the only way to shift from old technologies is to empower and inspire individuals through education, research and development bringing new bio-based technologies that benefit all of humanity.


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