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​Do have a dream of building with  natural,  healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient materials-  I can help you save thousands of dollars and help you achieve a home where you and your family will feel better and get sick less. Many costly mistakes can be avoided by engaging with me as a natural home building coach. Are you considering building with hemp or other natural materials, Are you considering a tiny house or a fine luxury home? Many people I work with are planning whole villages, Contact me today to get planning your healthy home.

The process should be exciting and fun, but for this to happen it must go smoothly. And it all starts with planning.  Do you have land, if not we can help you find it and determine if it is the right property. What will they let you do with the land?  What will you build? And how much will it cost? Where will you get your water?  How will you power your new building? How will you make your new building comfortable? How will you keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer? How will you access the property?Who will you hire to help you? Architects, engineers, contractors, electricians excavators, flat workers. Plumbers, carpenters? And how do you keep them from escalating your cost to build.

Remember, the more it cost you, the more they make, I can save you money every step of the way.  The bigger the project, the more money you will save by having our team involved. Who is on our team of global advisors? We have resources from around the globe and many prominent engineers, chemists, contractors working on ways to better design and build our buildings with comfort and health as well as more friendly to the earth and more efficient. Do you want to schedule an event for your area. I travel around the globe inspiring people to build with more natural materials including industrial hemp.

We help you lessen or eliminate most of those problems from the beginning and we stay with you through the entire process.


Give John a call at +1 970-231-0933

Can you imagine spending a weekend with people that share a common interest? Do you have a desire to learn more about hemp building? Would you like to be involved in a team building activity working to create a remarkable, sustainable structure?

We are creating more of these experiences for 2017 and you can become part of our global team of hemp entrepreneurs.

We not only build tiny houses, we connect people. We not only learn together to build with superior materials, but we band together to grow one another’s interest.

We are all on a powerful mission together and these experiences, that attract people from all over the world, are unforgettable, inspirational and powerful.  Our aim is to create an experience that will provide lasting friendships and knowledge for the better of the whole of the planet.

Remember- “It takes a big person to think small”